Press Release

DADA – FM is an acronym for “Dirk Ace and Da Faith Machine”

DADA-FM proudly presents: “Coconutta Music with a twist…shaken, not stirred!’


Welcome to the exquisite tropical island style music of DADA-FM! Welcome to the happy, colourful

world of Caribbean beats and beach boogy. Welcome to the beautiful coco palmed musical paradise of


DADA-FM offers a complete entertainment experience. It is an artful combination of fresh, original

music and energetic performance delivered with maximum passion and integrity. It is a SHOW

guaranteed to lift the spirits and create good vibrations to all who come in contact with the infectious

beats and uplifting island vibe melodies. It is an energy exchange that lifts the audience out of their

reality and transports them to a funky, wacky, tropical paradise…a hedonistic carefree existence on

pristine white beaches and exquisite turquoise seas!

The band dress up in vibrant, flowery, Hawaiin style costumes and thematically swathe their stage in

tropical island style fashion with maritime props and beach vibe backdrops. “Welcome to the cheeky

world of Coconutta Music ladies and gentlemen, DADA-FM guarantees to raise a smile and make your

feet very, very itchy!”

The band play real music with real instruments. It is a four piece ensemble consisting out of electric

guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and 4 vocals. DADA-FM came into being after Dirk Ace started

recording the band’s first album “Kozmic Ice Cream” at Farmyard studios in Gordon’s Bay in 2009.

He was eventually joined by Marius Hatzenberberg and Ruben Swart. They in turn introduced Dirk to

guitarist and vocalist Gerhard Claassen, from “ Voortvlugtend” and thus the current incarnation of

DADA-FM took shape.

DADA-FM’s current line – up features Dirk Ace on vocals and percussion, Gerhardt Claassen on guitar

and vocals, Marius Hatzenberg on bass guitar and vocals and Ruben Swart on drums and vocals. It is a

very versatile ensemble that can adapt to any situation or event. The band travel with their own sound

and lights and they specialize in a funky combination of island style reggae, ska, dub, rock and funkadelic

pineapple punk!

The music is very upbeat, vibey, flowery, fruity, happy, wacky and sunshiny. DADA-FM is the perfect

band to transform any occasion into a bubbly celebration of life and love! With songs such as

“Coconutta Music”, “Backpacker Holiday”, “Kozmic Ice Cream”, “Bally by da Pool” and “Shakanoppa

Ahoy Namasakki Wha!” it is no wonder that the audience can’t sit for very long before they join the

happy orgasmic throng on the dance floor!

The band can best be described as an eclectic mix of Bob Marley, UB40, The Beat, Madness, Frank

Zappa, The Specials and a bit of The Police thrown in on the side. It is a delightful, naughty, cheeky,

smorgasbord of rocking reggae and ska music infused with vibey tropical vibrations! It has been

described as “Percussive Afro Caribbean Dance Vibrations’ with sharp, tongue in cheek social

commentating lyrics.” Songs such as “Strange Situation @ Da Powa Station” deal with the problems we

have with Zefkom (Evkom) and “Funny Money” deals with the shenanigans of Wall Street.


“DADA-FM…it’s a bit like Frank Zappa and Madness channeling Bob Marley on acid”

“ One of the wackiest, zaniest, fruitiest, musical combo’s you will find on the local circuit at the


“The infectious, danceable, Caribbean, island styles of DADA-FM cuts across all colour and age barriers”

“Their eclectic mixed up styles and fruity costumes transcend the normal staid performances one gets

from most bands”

“Their wacked out lyrical approach and innovative style mix-up defies standard pigeon holing and cuts

across age and genre limitations.

“Fun bandits on a mission from Bob”

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