Dirk Ace: shortened CV

Dirk Ace
27 Years experience in S.A. music mostly as Promoter, Producer, Record label owner, Festival Producer, Band Manager, Production Coordinator, Stage Manager, Lead Singer, Lyricist and Songwriter.
Band and Artist management:
Band manager and agent for Johannes Kerkorrel en die Gereformeerde Blues Band 1987-1989
Band Manager and agent for Koos Kombuis en die Warmblankes 1989-1997
Band manager and agent for the Valiant Swart Band 1990-1997
Management for The Led  1996-1999
Management for Drain 1996- 1999
Organiser and Producer of :
Die Eerste Alternatiewe Afrikaanse Rock Konsert 1988
Die Voêlvry toer 1989
Die Mystic Boer toer –  Valiant Swart 1992
Die Droomrivier toer – Valiant Swart 1993
Die Gerookte Snoek Toer – Valiant Swart 1997
Die Heel Eerste Oppikoppi Band weekend – 31 Mei 1994
Die Tweede Oppikoppi Band Weekend – Junie 1994
Elke boemelaar se Droom Toer  – Koos Kombuis 1994
Almal wil n’ huisie by die see hê – Toer – Koos Kombuis 1995
Danzer Toer – Anton Goosen 1994
Steel Wheels Tour –  Karen Zoid 1999
Several smaller tours for artists such as Piet Botha, Southern Gypsy Queen and The Boulevard Blues Band
Organised and Produced the following festivals and concerts
Martell Wingerdstok Rock Festivals, Stellenbosch From 1995- 2002
Kaktus Op die Vlaktes Rock Concert KKNK 1999-2003
Tassenberg Stalteater KKNK 1999-2001
“Nag van die Legendes” Open Air Rock Concerts, Aardklop Arts Festival 1998-2001
Tassenberg Stalteater Aardklop  1998-200
Tassenberg Summer Festivals, Struisbaai 1999-2003
Top 40 Black Label, Summerwave Festival ,Mosselbaai 1999
MTV Mountan Bike Party, Stellenbosch 1997
Tassenberg Volspoed Osbloed Toer  2003
Martell Trippy Grape Music Explosions 1997 – 2002
Pistol Creek Music Festival Barberton 2005
Bewarea Benefit New Years Festivals, Fransmanshoek 2006 – 2013
Production/Technical Coordination and/or Stage Manager for:
Savanna Up The Creek 1996-2002
Oppikoppi Main Stage 1997-1999
Oppikoppi New Year’s Festivals 1996 – 1999
Martell blues Rock Festival, Grahamstown Arts festival 1995-2000
Martell Hangklip Rock Festival 1996-1998
Mainstay Hangklip Rock Festival 1999
Hermanus Whale Festival 1995-2001 as well as 2008
Martell “De Hoek” Music Festival 1998
Fransmanshoek Bewarea Benefit Concerts 2006 – 20012
Master of Ceremonies of:
Pistol Creek music festival
Hermanus Whale festivals
Fransmanshoek Bewarea Festivals, Zeegunst
Mieliepop festivasl. Lothair. Mpumalanga
Fellowship of Rock n’ roll (FORR) Ponto Malongane
Establish own record label “Trippy Grape Records” in 1997
Record and release the following 13 bands/artists:
The Honeymoon Suites
The Led
White Trash
Danny de Wet and the Lowveld Garage Band
Garden Variety
Government Car
Ras Tami and the Warriors
Diff – Olie
Wingerdrock 1 & 2 (Compilation CD’s that include the Sprinbok Nude Girls, Valiant Swart and Koos Kombuis)
Tassenberg 1 – 4 (Compilations that include Piet Botha, Sons Of Trout, Albert Frost etc.)
Talent spotted and developed through my live production companies “Trip van Winkel Music Promotions” and “Dirk Uys Produksies”:
Andre Letoit (Koos Kombuis) 1987
Johannes Kerkorrel 1987
Valiant Swart 1990
Akkedis 1995
The Led 1996
Drain 1996
Garden Variety 1996
White Trash 1996
Billygoat 1996
The Honeymoon Suites 1997
Ras Tamie and the Warriors 1997
Government Car 1997
Beeskraal 1999
Karen Zoid 1999 (After her father wrote me a letter and sent me her demo I helped her where I could, culminating in organizing her first national tour)
African Rhythm Travellers 2003
Soul Riot 2004
Chrisman Baard 2007
The Rivertones 2008
Joint State 2009
DADA-FM 2010
Released 18 titles in total
Studio and music producer of:
Chrisman Baard – Hou Links, Ry regs verby.
The Rivertones
Dirk Ace and the Faith Machine: 2 Albums:
Kozmic ice Cream and Coconutta music.
I Wrote and recorded 24 songs for these 2 albums
I am the lead singer and front man for Dirk Ace and Da Faith Machine – DADA-FM
Cabaret and Musicals:
Pandora se Doos : 2011 Act, sing and dance. Male lead
Stepping up to the Future: 2012. Singer and technical director
Label Manager for V&H Records 2013,  Cape Town
References: Record Companies
Lloyd Ross, Shifty Records
Gary Herselman, Tic Tic Bang Records
Pauk Riekert, 1F Music
Albert du Plessis, Rhythm Records
Lani van der Walt, Wolmer records
Danny de Wet, David Gresham Records
Johan Scott, Fantasia Records
Greg Donnelly, EMI
Bally Hanekom V&H Records
Festival Producers:
Karen Meiring, Former Managing director of KKNK
Anne Clarke, Festival Director: Savanna Up the Creek Music Festival
Tes Bornman, Oppikoppi Owner
Maggie Frost,, Martell Blues Rock Festivals
Anthony Bumstead, Blue Moon Productions, Up the Creek
Bally Hanekom, Executive Producer: Fransmanshoek Bewarea benefit concerts Zeegunst
Coenraad Nel, Mieliepop Festival Producer
Frans Human, Producer of Fellowship of Rock n’ Roll (Forr) Mozambique
Edgar Bullen – Savanna & Martell
Rudolph du toit – Tassenberg & Nederburg
Billy Martin – Tassenberg
Arno Carstens
Karen Zoid
Anton Goosen
Piet Botha
Valiant Swart
Nick Turner
Dr. John Mostert (Boulevard Blues Band)
Southern Gypsey Queen
Sons of Trout
Ian Bredenkamp – KFM
Barney Simon – 5Fm/Tuks FM
Evan Milton –  Fine Music Radio
Michelle Constant – 5FM
Johann Botha – Radio Sonder Grense (RSG)
Johan Rademan – Radio Sonder Grense (RSG)
Max du Preez
Rian Malan
Theunis Engelbrecht
Chutney de Ridder
Dirk Jordaan
Evan Milton
Jane Mayne
Karen Rutter
Therese Owen
Willim Welsyn
Studied B.A. Business Communication at UOFS, a communication degree coupled with business economics, marketing, advertising and journalism between 1884 and 1987. My father passed away in my final exams of my final year and I subsequently did not complete my degree.
Started music career whilst a DJ and Public Relations Director at Radio Shimla, a student varsity radio station. The first concert I organised on campus was for Lesley Rae Dowling in 1986 . I turned pro at the end of my final year (1987)  to become manager, agent and marketer for Johannes Kerkorrel, the Gereformeerde Blues Band and Koos Kombuis.
“Dirk was the only rocker who had a talent for organising” Max du Preez in the biography of die Vrye Weekblad titled “Oranje Blanje Blues”
“Dirk is the father of  Aternative Afrikaans Rock” Pat Hopkins in his definitive book of the Voëlvry movement – “Voëlvry, the movement that rocked S.A.”
“Dirk is the Che Guevara of S.A. Music” – Chutney de Ridder, Respected veteran music columnist of Die Burger.
My passion has always been music! Especially writing, singing, recording and performing music!
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